Ion Blow Gun

  • Product No:AGZIII
  • Manufacturer:Shishido Electrostatic,Ltd.

Used to eliminate the electrostatic voltage on the surface of products or materials and play a dust removal effect.

  • Input Voltage: DC24V (AC adaptor supplied; AC100~240V)

  • Indicator Green: Normality power output. RED: Abnormality power output

  • Ion Balance: ±15V or less (at factory shipment)

  • Ozone Abundance: 0.04 ppm or less (at 150mm)

  • Applicable fluid: Cleaned air

  • Air pressure range: 0.05~0.6MPa

  • Supplied air flow: Max. 370ℓ/min(ANR) (at 0.6MPa)

  • Environment: 0~40°C / 65%RH or less (no condensation)

  • Dimensions:164.6×25×135.8mm (L×W×H) exc. protrusions

  • Weight Approx.: 200g (exc. cable)

  • Standard Part: Instruction manual, AC adapter