Near-Eye Display Measurement System(for laboratory use)

  • Product No:NED-LMD E100 & NED-LMD E101
  • Manufacturer:Gamma Scientific

NED-LMD E100 – Small Range Robot for Field of View Coverage of 160 deg (H) x 44 deg (V)
NED-LMD E101 – Large Range Robot for Field of View Coverage of 160 deg (H) x 88 deg (V)

The Gamma Scientific Near Eye Display (NED-LMD E) measurement system is designed to accurately capture spectral measurements of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Helmet mounted displays as viewed by the human eye.

It is unmatched by any other instrument available in measuring the essential NED performance requirements by combining:

Telescope optics compact enough to fit inside a helmet and designed to point in different directions to emulate the  movement of the human eyeGamma Scientific’s NED-LMD E detector-based grating spectroradiometer with high sensitivity design using single or double stage TE cooled multi-element back-thinned CCD

The NED Measurement System leverages decades of experience developing Display and HUD test systems for military aircraft programs including the F-16, F-18, B-1B, F-117, C-17 and F-35.

  • Luminance and color uniformity

  • Symbology luminance and color

  • Spectral transmittance

  • Left/right eye parallax

  • Image contrast with different background Spatial Power Distributions (SPD)

  • Transmittance modulation contrast (IDMS 7.2) for Augmented Reality

  • Virtual image modulation contrast (IDMS 7.2) for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

  • Display response time/Flicker

Measurement Parameters

Luminance Uniformity

Spectral Transmittance

Color Uniformity

Response Time



Field of View

Image Contrast / MTF

Image Virtual Distance

Left / Right Parallax Error