• Product No:AVRQ-5-B
  • Manufacturer:Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.

AVRQ-5-B is a kilovolt pulse generator ideal for CMTI testing of optocouplers and other semiconductor devices. The switching time≤10nS,and offer adjustable amplitude settings (±)1kV~(±)2kV. Leading edge shape approximately linear. Provides transition rates more than 120kV/uS.

· Adjustable leading edge rise time

· Provide adjustable VCC2 ﹢3V~﹢43V

· Dedicated daughterboard design, make the operation safe, simple and effectively prevent interference

· Provide CAM files for the sample daughterboard, so users can custom its own daughterboard

· Provide GPIB, RS232 and Ethernet connector allows the instrument to be remotely controlled

· High-Voltage Pulse Amplitude:

Standard: -1.5 or +1.5kV

-AHV option:-1kV to -1.5kV, +1kV to +1.5kV,≤1V steps

-XHV option:-1.5kV to -2kV,+1.5kV to +2kV,≤1V steps

· Leading edge rise time:

≤10nS,up to 50ns by increasing Cload

· Pulse width: 1~20 us, adjustable

· Trailing edge fall time: At least ten times greater than the edge rise time

· Pulse repletion frequency: 1Hz ~ 10Hz adjustable (with -HF option: 100Hz maximum)

· VCC2 power supply: ﹢3V to ﹢43V adjustable

· Provide 5V DIP8 packages daughterboards, options SO-16W or SO-8 daughterboards