Large Area Mask Aligner

  • Product No:Model 212
  • Manufacturer:OAI INSTRUMENTS

The Model 212 Large Area Mask Aligner is a cost-effective, high performance Mask Aligner that has been engineered with OAI’s industry proven com­ponents that have made OAI a leader in the photolithography equipment industry. The Model 212 is a bench top mask aligner that requires minimal cleanroom space, and offers an economic alternative for R&D for large area substrates, LCD, Thin Film Transistors, panel level packaging, and OLED. Utilizing OAI’s innovative vacuum chuck leveling system, large substrates (up to 12’x12’ or 300mm x 300mm) are lev­eled quickly and gently for exceptional photo mask alignment and uniform contact during exposure. The system is capable of one micron resolution and alignment.

The alignment module features mask insert sets and quick-change wafer chucks that fa­cilitate the use of a variety of substrates and masks without requiring special tools. The Model 212 Large Area Mask Aligner features the proven OAI UV light source which provides col­limated UV light in Near, Mid or Deep UV using lamps ranging in power from 200 to 2000 watts. Dual-sensor optical feedback loops are linked to the constant intensity controller to provide control of exposure intensity within ±2% of the desired intensity.


  • A lower cost research and development tool for large area substrates

  • A versatile tool that can accommodate smaller substrates and masks - easily upgraded for larger substrates

  • Used for Packaging, Displays, OLED, Semiconductor Wafer R&D

  • Featuring the same specifications as the OAI Model 200 Tabletop Mask aligner

Substrate Size

Up to 12” square or 300mm

Substrate Stage

X, Y Travel


Z Travel



.001”; .0001”


or .01mm; .001mm





Up to 14” x 14”


Beam Size

Up to 12” square

Lamp Power

200, 350, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Watt NUV                                  500, 1,000 and 2,000 Watt DUV

Shutter Timer


0.1 to 99.0 sec. at 0.1 second increments                                    or 1.0 to 999 sec. at 1.0 second increments



110 or 220 vac (or other according to Power Supply requirements and Country)


20 - 28” Hg.

Air and N2

CDA at 60 PSI and Nat 20 PSI


0.35” to 0.5” Water



42” (1067mm)


60” (1524mm)


53” (1346mm)