High accuracy semi-automatic 4 point probe sheet resistance/resistivity measurement

  • Product No:RT-3000/RG-2000(3000)
  • Manufacturer:Napson Corp.

RT-3000/RG-2000(3000) is a high-precision semi-automatic four-probe resistivity measurement device launched by Japan's Napson Company. It can be controlled by a computer, edit the size of the silicon wafer to be tested, test points, and use the principle of four-probe resistivity measurement for multi-point measurement. It can output 2D/3D Mapping through software to complete the measurement more efficiently task.

User programmable measurement mode

The tester has a self-check function and a wide measuring range

As well as the thickness, edge and temperature correction of the silicon wafer

Metal film thickness conversion and other functions

Application: semiconductor materials, solar cell materials (silicon, polysilicon, silicon carbide, etc.), new materials, functional materials (carbon nanotubes, DLC, graphene, nano silver wires, etc.)

Conductive film (metal, ITO, etc.), diffusion layer, silicon-related epitaxial materials, ion implantation samples.

It has multi-point measurement function (maximum 1225 points), supports Mapping function, and provides 2D image/3D image analysis.

Test data can be exported through CSV format files.

Meet the following ASTM & JIS requirements

        JIS H 0602-1995, JIS K 7194-1994.


        ASTM F 84-99 (SEMI MF84)

        ASTM f374 -00a,

        ASTM F 390-11,

        ASTM F 1529-97

Sample size:

RT-3000/RG-2000 supports up to 8 inches

RT-3000/RG-3000 supports up to 12 inches

Measuring range:

V/I resistance: 1m ~ 3M ohm

Square resistance: 1m ~ 10M ohm/sq

Resistivity: 1μ ~ 1M ohm.cm