SiC module dynamic tester

  • Product No:SLIC-AC 3015
  • Manufacturer:Lemsys S.A.

SLIC AC is one low inductance dynamic testing system that focus on SiC fast switching device. Below 25nH stray inductance, 3000A/1500V power supply, 11000A short-circuit current, 200C heating stage, all kinds of low Ls adaptors for HPD,ED,Easy,DSC package SiC MOSFET module, compatible for RD and production.


Voltage: 50-1500V 

Short circuit current:11000A

Stray inductance <25nH

Test item:   Gate contact 

Single pulse RBSOA  

Double pulse RBSOA

Turn ON on inductive load

Turn OFF on inductive load

QRR on Free Wheeling Diode

Short-circuit SCSOA1 


Short-circuit SCSOA2



Module Type:

HPD,ED,Easy,DSC SiC EV MOSFET                                  

Test Stage: Manual with 200C heating, fully compatible  with handler system